Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Latest GWT 'webAppCreator' is able to produce maven projects.

"webAppCreator" is the utility provided by GWT to create new projects. It creates a new module with the name and namespace the user desires and put enought stuff to start a new GWT project: static html page, css sheet, entry point, rpcs, tests, ant and eclipse configuraion files, and so on.

I have missed ever in this tool the ability to setup the pom.xml file for a maven project. Maven is widely used in most java projects, and it was a pain to create your pom.xml file from scratch each time you create a new GWT project.

Last time I gave a talk about the basis of GWT I had to explain how to do this by hand, and I said that It would be easy to add this feature, so I went ahead with it and I produced a patch which has been included lately in the GWT core.

Although the feature will not be abailable until the next GWT release, fortunately GWT-2.1.0 is comming soon since millestone one has been already published.

To start a new GWT project from scratch just type:
$ webAppCreator -maven -noant com.example.MyApplication