Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Minino linux 1.2 comes with LXP wm.

Some time ago I was involved in a project to develop a Linux windows manager almost identical to Windows XP, I took as base icewm and developed LookXP a.k.a. LXP.
The main reason to do that was to install computers in public areas like hotels and business centers, and most people don't realise any difference with the computers they were in the habit of using.

Minino which is a Spanish pet name for little cats, is a lightweight linux distribution thought to be installed in computers with low resources and especially designed for schools, it is easy to use, it is plenty of features, and it is supported by many Spanish foundations and organizations.
In its last release, Minino developers have decided to include LXP because it has few resources requirements, and it is fully configurable. They have made a good work creating a new customized theme as you can see in this screen-shot:

You can download and try Minino from here.

If you are curious, here you have a screen-shot of LXP running a XP theme: